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Nonwoven Consulting in China

We started our nonwoven business in China in 1998. Rich of our long experience in China and in the nonwoven industry we can assist you with your project in the field of nonwovens in China. If you are not familiar with China and its nonwoven industry you may feel safer to give your sourcing tasks to a nonwoven specialist well established in China.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of how we could help you:
- Sourcing of nonwoven rolls goods: mainly spunbond, spunmelt (SMS, SMMS, SSMMS), spunlace, thermobonded, meltblown. We can search a suitable supplier for you, test its products and evaluate its quality system.
- Nonwoven laminates: PE laminates, aluminum laminates, breathable or not, Tyvek replacement laminates, laminates for PPE category III type 3 to 6.
- Nonwoven machinery: Chinese made spunmelt (spunbond, SMS, SMMS) machines. Chinese companies have made big progresses in the last 10 years and some companies are now producing good quality machinery at bargain prices compared to European or North American machines (usually 1.5 to 5 times cheaper).
- Nonwoven Converting Machines: machines producing sanitary napkins, baby diapers, bouffant caps, surgical caps, shoe-covers, pillow cases, nonwoven bags, shopping bags...
- Plastic Recycling Equipment: complete recycling lines (from used end products to recycled plastic chips) for PE and PP (density < 1) or for all other thermoplastics (density > 1). Here also prices are very attractive, but choosing the wrong supplier is easy and could turn your project into a disaster. Seek the help of professionals.
- Nonwoven products: if you're looking for a nonwoven product not in our range, we can assist you in finding the right supplier.

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