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Mascarilla desechable

Mascarilla desechable, Mascarilla no tejida masques
Mascarilla desechable para filtrar polvo o bacterias. Por ejemplo:
- mascarilla FFP2,
- mascarilla N95,
- mascarilla quirúrgica.
Nonwovens are technical textiles providing a great choice of properties. We will understand what you need and we will find the right solution.

Descripción Características Ref.
Área contaminada Mascarilla FFP2. FFP2 FM 101
Área contaminada Mascarilla N95 N95 FM 102
Hospital Medical facemask 3 capas:
2 capas hiladas
una capa soplada
FM 001

The product you need is not in this list?
Contact us: there's high chances that we can produce it for you.
Here is a short list of properties that nonwovens can have:
- non-absorbent or absorbent
- breathable
- water-repellent or impervious
- soft
- non-transparent
- fully recyclable
- biodegradable
- fire retardant
- anti-static
- barrier against dust mites and bacteria
and most of them can be combined together.
You don't know how to choose a product?
Contact-us and give us as many details as you can about what the product should do and the environment where the product is to be used. We will help you to make a choice and if we have no product answering your need, we will design a new specific solution for you.
Examples of environment:
outdoor, in a healthcare facility, in a clean-room, in a food processing plant...
Examples of what the product should do:
protection against liquids, liquid sprays, dusts or heat...