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Valutech nonwoven solutions has 3 activities:
- nonwoven products design and R&D in Shanghai,
- manufacturing in Jiangsu, China,
- subcontracting in Asia.
This web site brings business information on our nonwoven disposable garments, single-use protective apparels and other nonwoven solutions.
Close   PPE: 個人用保護機器
  1. 防護服
  2. 白衣
Close   医療用
  1. ベッドシーツ
  2. 防護服
  3. 隔離衣
  4. 白衣
  5. 上衣
  6. 枕ケース
  7. 手術着
Close   食料品工業
  1. 防護服
  2. 白衣

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment  Healthcare  Food Industry